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Dr. Rod Barnes (and Joni Lawrence)
Dr. Malati Harris (and Kristi Garber)
Dr. Larisa Kimuri (and Crystal Dwyer)
Dr. Pamela Huerter (and Shelly Bennett)
Dr. Lori Nichols (and Morgen Townley)

The LFMO commitment

Our commitment to you is accessibility to medical information and assistance 24 hours a day. We do this by providing a broad range of medical services, seven days a week, delivered with a personal touch while using the latest of medical technologies. Our on-call doctor is available by phone to talk to you at any time, day or night. And, since the best medical care is delivered in person, we maintain extended office hours on weekdays as well as provide office hours for urgent care on Saturdays and Sundays.

At LFMO, we provide a medical home for you and your family to restore health and, more important, to preserve your health through preventive medical services.

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Our Services

There is no joy in medicine greater than helping a new life come into the world, and no bond in medicine…

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Your new bundle of joy doesn’t come complete with a user’s manual or a maintenance schedule. That’s where…

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Primary Care

The modern age of medicine is both marvelous and amazingly complex. Organ specific specialists can perform…

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Preventive Medicine

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Those old sayings have a lot of truth in them. The truth…

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We offer the full range of office gynecologic services: from routine pap smears and HPV screening, to…

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The price of an active life is the occasional injury, ache, pain, sprain, strain or even fracture. The…

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Is it poison ivy or shingles, warts or skin cancer? Why wait a month or more to get into a dermatologist’s…

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Sterilization Procedures

Just because we plan to stay in the obstetrics business doesn’t mean you have to. Lawrence Family Medicine…

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Cosmetic Procedures

By establishing the Aesthetics Center at Lawrence Family Medicine and Obstetrics, we have invested in…

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Ancillary Services

In providing you a medical home, we also attempt to provide you a “one stop shop”.  We know how frustrating…

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Electronic Health Records

In the “good old days” a quality medical record might have been a written “Diagnosis-sore throat, Rx-Penicillin.”…

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