Your Rights Regarding Electronic Health Information Technology

Lawrence Family Medicine & Obstetrics  participates in electronic health information technology or HIT.  This technology allows a provider or a health plan to make a single request through a health information organization or HIO to obtain electronic records for a specific patient from other HIT participants for purposes of treatment, payment, or health care operations. HIOs are required to use appropriate safeguards to prevent unauthorized uses and disclosures.

You have two options with respect to HIT.  First, you may permit authorized individuals to access your electronic health information through an HIO.  If you choose this option, you do not have to do anything.

Second, you may restrict access to all of your information through an HIO (except as required by law).  If you wish to restrict access, you must submit the required information either online at or by completing and mailing a form.  This form is available at  You cannot restrict access to certain information only; your choice is to permit or restrict access to all of your information.

If you have questions regarding HIT or HIOs, please visit for additional information.

If you receive health care services in a state other than Kansas, different rules may apply regarding restrictions on access to your electronic health information. Please communicate directly with your out-of-state health care provider regarding those rules.

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