Ancillary Services

In providing you a medical home, we also attempt to provide you a “one stop shop”.  We know how frustrating and time-consuming it is to see the doctor, get an order, drive to the lab for a blood draw, then drive to an x-ray or sono facility for imaging...only to wait days for a diagnosis of and treatment plan for your problem. We can’t avoid all of this, but we have tried to make as many services available to you as possible at our office. Available ancillary services include lab, plain film x-rays, EKG, pulmonary function testing, fetal non-stress testing, sonography, vascular Doppler and echocardiography. Many lab tests are done here with results available immediately. The lab tests that are sent out are picked up by courier twice a day, so results are usually reported the next morning. We also offer drawing services for labs that your insurance requires to be sent out. We can’t make being a patient easy, but we try to make it quicker and easier.