We offer the full range of office gynecologic services: from routine pap smears and HPV screening, to the diagnosis and treatment of genital infections and the evaluation of pelvic pain, as well as colposcopy for the diagnosis of cervical dysplasia and cancer, and treatments including cryosurgery and LEEP. We also offer the full range of contraceptive counseling and services, including the placement of IUDs. We do the preliminary workup of fertility problems, for females and males, and the evaluation of endocrine problems such as absent or irregular periods. More important, we do all of these things without ignoring the upper half of the body and the important non-gynecologic preventive medical services and procedures.  There is no reason to have a pap/pelvic exam and a preventive medical exam at two different locations, by two different doctors with two different copays, when both can be done in one visit—and both are important.